What I believe is wrong with the commenting system

By keeping the first, older posts

on top you get the following:

- The first 1 - 3 posts are over-commented on since

it's usually the only ones most people will bother to read and

hence everyone wants to stick their post there.

- There's loss of enthusiasm when posting and knowing

your post will end up underneath so much text that it

would take 40+ seconds just to scroll to it and of course

most people then don't bother to read them. Finding own

posts is just as difficult, at times even Ctrl+F fails to help.

- The design of the post/reply hierarchy tree is poorly

implemented and there needs to be a more definitive, outlined separation

of individual posts from one another. Otherwise it feels flooded and

ever-continuous, requiring more concentration to notice where any one

thread starts and ends. This would cause people to just randomly choose

the comments to read since it's too busy/continuous and thus uncomfortable

to glance over every single one as you scroll down.

- Also having NO EDIT button only aggravates the above described

problems as users are then forced to make more posts to outline

their mistake and include the correct meaning and in general

end up posting more and more, instead of simply appending their

existing post and this makes the thread tree longer, further pushing newer posts down. The only reason I can fathom as to why they don't implement an edit button is that search engines somehow

rank the more commented on articles higher, if so? This is at

the expense of legibility and usability.

Oh, yeah and get rid of the damn gifs.