What is it a smartphone or an app launcher?

Me? Don`t ask me, but I am inclined to believe it. I`ve used so many phones in my life span that I lost the count. As someone who changes her phone constantly and try new things, missing the iPhone would be a sin. Here is my problem with my iPhone and why I will probably never use one again: it only launches apps. There is not a unity in the OS. It`s like if all the programmers in the world make the iPhone the iPhone. I constantly find myself switching apps to accomplish a task that should be built in the cellphone. It is the simplest and idiotic phone without apps and that`s why Apple advertises as an app launcher. Don`t believe me? Just check out the beginning of every iPhone keynote, where they start by mentioning apps. Geez, even the new carrier, Sprint, says the iPhone is all about the apps.

I can`t do anything with it beyond launching app. I can`t add widgets, alter the OS, or set some simple preferences. It really makes mad. The iPhone is like the existence of a beautiful woman without brain, it relies heavily on others to be what they are. I wish Apple put more efforts from its part to make it a stronger and innovative OS, not just an app launcher and manager. If they continue this path, nothing will change. I mean the last update, they just added a notification based on Android and added some functionality that were found on apps years ago, yes Twitter I am pointing out at you... The iPod or Music app has only changed in branding as other iOS core apps. That`s not innovating at all. I haven`t seen anything groundbreaking coming from the OS since multitasking. It keeps on launching apps.

Even Google took notice of the fact that smartphones are mere app launcher and created Ice Cream Sandwich. ICS puts itself aside from being an app launcher. Kudos to Google for making its OS something truly useful without the need of apps. The next player is Windows Phone, yes I proudly own one. It truly does smartphone different. Everything works in perfect karma as cellphones used to work before app launchers were the standard. It feels as something by itself, unlike iOS which is crippled without apps. Perhaps, the next iteration of iOS tries to do something more than launching apps.

Here is my question: did Apple create a phone or an app launcher? Because it seems to be nothing without apps at all.