We've just gotten off the phone with Nokia's UK team, following up on an earlier report from V3. The company tells us it's set a target date of May 14th for the retail release of its 4.3-inch Lumia 900 handset in the UK, which should be arriving in both black and white, equipped with HSPA+ connectivity in lieu of the LTE that's available on its AT&T variant. While some may perceive this move as a delay — following Phones4U's aggressive promise of availability on April 27th — Nokia never committed to a specific date previously, offering only the guidance of "the coming weeks." Well, May 14th fits within that envelope and is just about a month removed from the phone's big US launch. Importantly, the company wants to be clear that the phone could be in stores a few days earlier or a few days later, depending on how production and shipping works out between now and then.

Nokia tells us it's still ramping up production of the Lumia 900, the latest member of its growing Windows Phone handset family, and all of its capacity is currently committed to the LTE-equipped American model shipping to AT&T customers. Demand for the phone has "exceeded expectations" so far and the company's doing everything it can to produce more units to satisfy it. In spite of our repeated attempts, Nokia wouldn't disclose any numbers to provide context to that information. The UK should be the first market to receive the Lumia 900 after North America, with the rest of Europe following on shortly after it.