A major part of Aol's business these days is its large content network, headlined by sites like The Huffington Post — the company is now looking to increase the value of that network with the launch of Aol On, which brings all of the company's premium video content under one roof. Rather than divide up the videos by site, Aol's grouping everything under 14 broader "content channels" like fashion, technology, food, gaming, etc. To help the service gain some attention, it's launching with curated playlists from celebrities such as Heidi Klum — we can't wait to see what videos she recommends we watch. The company also says it's pushing video across four screens — desktop, tablet, mobile, and connected TVs — using a combination of native apps, mobile- and tablet-optimized sites, and the Aol On HD app for Samsung, Sony, Roku, Google TV, Boxee, and Yahoo connected TVs and devices.

In addition to content drawn from Aol's network of sites, Aol On will also pull from the existing AOL Video, goviral, StudioNow and AOL HD brands. Given that wide variety of different sources, we'd have to say that uniting all this content in one place should certainly streamline things for users. Of course, Aol's also angling to make its premium video content more valuable for advertisers — in its press release, Aol says that its new offering "is well positioned in North America to capture advertising through deep brand integration in the video experience."