Anyone else annoyed by the way multiple accounts are handled?

This is probably my biggest gripe with Android, and honestly, I'm not sure how others handle (or even if they can handle) multiple accounts.

I have 2 regular Google accounts, 2 Google Apps accounts (custom domain Google accounts), 1 regular POP email and 1 IMAP email.

The stock Android Mail app isn't very good in my opinion. I have everything set to check for mail every 15 minutes. I routinely go into a specific account to realize that I have new mail that it downloads once I get in there, so basically I'm not getting notifications that I have new mail.

I know what you're saying, use the Gmail app for 4 of those accounts... but here's the problem with that: if I add them as Gmail addresses, they're added to the phone as a full on Phone account, so they show up in the Accounts/Sync area, I can start switching between them in the Market/Play thing, I have to turn off the features I don't want (I don't use calendars on all accounts for instance, same with contacts, etc). The Market/Play store is the worst because it seems to randomly set the current account to once and a while so I never know which account I would be getting apps through.

It's just annoying. Why can't I just use the Gmail app, LIKE AN APP, with it's own settings independent of the device?

I guess I'm going to end up looking for a third party email app, hopefully there are some that can handle the push features of Gmail without being from Google. It's just stupid I think...