What's Your Post Windows/WP 8 Wishlist?

Honestly Verge readers, I can't wait for Windows 8.

From having an awesome custom-built gaming desktop, to picking up an iPhone, to getting a netbook, then an iPad, and having sold all of them (but the iPhone) in favor of a laptop that can do almost everything I want, I've come up with my wishlist list after Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 comes.

(Sold everything cause nothing worked together in a cohesive manner)

Desktop PC


via www.hardwarecanucks.com

Used at Home for

  • Playing Games on Max Settings,
  • Coding
  • Photoshop
  • Office Apps

Specs: Definitively Custom-Built

  • AMD CPU and Graphics (Great on power and price for my needs)
  • Possibly Touch Screen Monitor
  • Possibly, probably unlikely, Thermaltake Level 10 (Original, but does cost a lot of $$)
  • 1080p + Screen



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Used at any random desk environment, library, or coffee shop, or work for

  • Light Gaming (Possibly)
  • Light Coding
  • Light Photoshop
  • Light Office Apps
  • Social stuff like video chatting

(Pretty much what a laptop really is, a portable desktop that's not supposed to be more powerful than a desktop)

Specs: Vizio - HP Envy - Asus Zenbook

  • 22nm CPU - Ivy-Bridge
  • 15 inch display with 1080p+ Matte Screen
  • Ultrabook size and weight
  • Stylish
  • Possibly discrete GPU 28nm (Possibly, depending on how much added weight is put on the laptop because of it)
  • Possibly touch screen



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Used on Bed, Couch, Commute, and anywhere that I don't have a desk for

  • Reading books
  • Surfing the internet
  • Watching movies
  • Playing fun games

Specs: Any good tablet - Probably Nokia is they come out with that is good.

  • High DPI Screen
  • 7-9 inch screen
  • Possibly, if available, a screen that changes from e-ink to LCD (Probably never going to happen)
  • Quad-Core arm chip
  • Stylish

Phone - Nokia


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This is just a self-explanatory one, but Nokia's Windows Phone 8, whatever it maybe, it will probably be awesome, and I'm gonna trade in my iPhone for one.

TV - Xbox '720'


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Had a 360, broke, never cared to get a new one

I play a lot of PC games and don't watch TV too much, so I will probably just wait for the next gen Xbox, no rush to getting it.

Now the cost:

  • $1000 for Desktop, minus the case, $1500 with case
  • $700 for Laptop without discrete graphics, probably $900 with it
  • $500 max for tablet, after having an iPad and seeing it, I now know that they are not worth $500, especially for a 7 inch one
  • Phone - Free, after selling my iPhone 4S and my contract being up, I should be good.
  • $300 Next-Gen Console (Future Cost)

Total Cost of Going Full Microsoft = Computer ($1300) + Laptop ($800) + Tablet ($400) + Next-Gen Xbox ($300) + Phone (Free) = $2800 (Plus 25gb of Skydrive space)

PC with 2 GPUs in Crossfire + Laptop with discrete graphics + XBox with Apps and Game support + 25GB of Skydrive (Free)

(Just for comparison's sake)

Total Cost of Going Comparable Mac = iMac ($2000) + 13 inch MBA ($1300) + Apple TV($100) + iPad ($500) + iPhone(Free) + iCloud Storage 25GB ($40/year) = $3900 + $40 * Year

PC 1 Mobile GPU + Laptop with integrated GPU + Apple TV with limited to no App Support + 25GB of iCloud (Paid)

So more realistically

Dream PC by the end of the summer. -- Fully upgraded every 4 Years (2 years for CPU then 2 Year for GPU, pretty much new architecture jumps)

Laptop by end of holidays - Sell current laptop HP Envy 14 (First-Gen w/ Radiance Display) for 1080p Zenbook 11 inch or 15 inch ultralight laptop with Hi DPI screen. -- Upgrade when it feels slow, or my needs aren't being met

(The choice will be made by which ever comes out first)

Tablet - If I get Zenbook, then no tablet, otherwise I'll get one with a 15 inch laptop purchase. -- Upgraded when I can't handle simple web-browsing, watching videos, and running non-intense apps (Kinda like First-Gen iPad now, well this happened after the release of iPad 2, but yea)

TV - Xbox, if free from laptop purchase - Upgraded with Next-Gen console

Phone - when enough Apps have come out for it. -- Upgrade 2 years