One of the requirements for any cloud storage solution is that it feel integrated with as many operating systems as possible. Google Drive is no exception, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Google's own operating system, Chrome OS, can look forward to deep Google Drive integration. In an interview with Wired, Google's Scott Johnson said that with version 20 of Chrome OS, the company will "effectively integrate Drive into the native file system of Chrome OS. [...] All of the core OS functionality will use Drive as a place to store data — if that's what you opt into."

Google has actually been giving Chrome OS more attention of late, having recently revealed the updated "Aura" interface. It may also be preparing the OS to run on ARM processors, a switch which could reduce the price of Chromebooks and perhaps rejuvenate what has to-date been a relatively lackluster ecosystem. If Google Drive manages to become a must-have service for users, the tight integration with Chrome OS may also help give the platform a bump.