Any reason not to buy an original iPad?

Let me give you a bit of background here. I bought an iPad 2 last summer, but the screen cracked after 6 months of very happy use, and I decided to sell it rather than pay the exorbitant repair cost. I used the money to buy a Kindle Fire, which I flashed to Ice Cream Sandwich. I like it well enough, but Android feels like it's missing a lot compared to iOS, and there are weird issues sometimes - the brightness changes and apps force-close at random, some apps refuse to start at all, and the whole setup lags from time to time. It all just feels a bit awkward.

As a student, I have a pretty small budget for new technology. I have about $200 at the moment; if I sell the Kindle Fire, of course, that will be closer to $350. I know I could take all that money and buy a refurbished iPad 2 straight from Apple, or I could take about $260 of it and buy a refurbished original iPad from someone else. So here's my question: is there any particular, overarching reason to buy the iPad 2 over the original?

I know the original can be updated to iOS 5. I know it's a bit thicker, although I don't mind that - I actually kind of like the more bookish form factor. I know the screen and the processor are not quite as good, but I don't play a lot of games on my tablet, so that shouldn't be an issue. Is there any reason for me to shell out $100 more for the iPad 2?