The only difference between Google Drive and SkyDrive to me

Okay, so plenty of people are saying that SkyDrive is much better than Google Drive because it has cheaper storage.

And I agree with them. I also disagree on the privacy scare. Sorry, but I don't think Google is less trustworthy than Microsoft. I find them both equal.

The reason, which so many overlook, is Google Docs. The actual editor. I love it. And Office Web Apps feel more like a poor man's office when compared to Google Docs, which can replace almost all functions of Office, for me at least.

If Microsoft improved the SkyDrive web apps to the standard of Google Docs, then I would switch. If Google took away Docs, I would switch.

To me, it's more than just the free storage. It's the functionality. And to me, Google Drive is more functional in this one way.