Spotify Android Beta Impressions

What are your impressions of the new app so far?

After using the new Spotify beta app for a few days I have to say it is a huge improvement on the previous app. While it is still missing some features that will be in the final release it is still miles ahead of the current app on the Play Store.

I have found it to be more stable on my Galaxy Nexus than the old app and the new UI a pleasure to use. There are elements like the ability to swipe out the menu that I think they need to more obvious, I only found this feature by accident.

Overall impressions are that it is a vast improvement on the previous app, I now hope they will carry this design language across to the desktop app.

I have heard on numerous occasions that the new Rdio applications are far superior to Spotify's offerings, how does the new beta app compare? Living in the UK means I have never had to chance to use Rdio but it does appear that they have forced Spotify to place a greater focus on UI.