RIM Begins "WAKE-UP" Campaign Towards Apple

I quite plainly do not understand the ground that Samsung believes it has over Apple and its products! Samsung's most recent campaign to commandeer Apple loyalist and attract them to their products make me cringe.

Don't get me wrong, Samsung is a very successful electronics company and makes "pretty good" products, but there is a well rooted reason why Apple has kept and will continue to keep its fans and customers, GREAT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

I'm sorry Samsung, I will not enter your fragmented Google ecosystem nor will I buy your average looking products that are replaced and refreshed countless times a year. I will not trade in my beautifully constructed and seamlessly integrated Apple products and services for your half-ass attempts at copying Apple and its line of products.

What I'm really trying to say is...... Samsung, maybe you're the one that is sleeping and needs to be awakened.

I don't buy Apple products because I am asleep, I buy them because they are the best all-around products on the market and I simply enjoy using and sometimes even just looking at my Apple products.

Please watch below video: