fragmentation on android, hype or reality?

hey guys, my first post on THEVERGE

Anyway, i was wondering:

we hear a lot about fragmentation about the android platform,

#about hardware fragmentation, like the various screen sizes/resolutions, different SOC's, different button arrangement, etc.

#about software fragmentation, like the time it takes for the latest version of android to get up and going, weather it is going to come to a certain phone or not, and also, about the skinning of the android OS

what do you think about it?loads of people claim that these reasons will lead to the downfall of the platform

anyway, I think that is not really true.let me compare this to the scenario with windows

#talking about the hardware fragmentation, I dont really need to elaborate too much on that. there are loads of varieties of windows machines available in the market today. probably, more variations than android.

#also, loads of software fragmentation on windows too. even after 10 years after the launch of windows xp, it is still going strong, with more than a 30% market share(correct me if I'm wrong). its not as if the latest and greatest version of windows are up and running on our computers the very next day after it's launch

Inspite of all this, windows still dominates today's PC market, with quite the margin.I do not see how the same reasons are somehow going to cause the downfall of android.

In my opinion, android in the cellphone market, is kinda like the windows of the PC market, with varities of hardware backed by pretty good software.

Let me know your thoughts on this subject