I just Received the official ICS(4.0.4) update on my AT&T Nexus S


Funny story my lil bro flicked off his teacher and was suspended from school so my mom charged me with the task of selling his AT&T nexus S on ebay. I had him do a fatory reset and i turn the phone on and signed in with my google account i download the google play update and then i rebooted.

When i did i was greeting with a OTA (4.0.4) update the download is in progress right now. its worth noting i did the above process with no intention of the said result. Also i NEGLECTED to insert my sim.

I did a google search for ICS update for the AT&T Nexus S and found no hits. Did any one else get the update????

the update seems to be stuck at 2% i rebooted the phone and its still in the notification tray stuck at 2%.