Earlier today, Google announced the availability of movie rentals for Google Play users in Australia. After roughly a year of availability in the US and other regions, Australian users can now rent titles from both US and local film companies. Rentals will start at $3.99 AUD for older titles in standard definition and $4.99 AUD in high definition, while new releases will cost $5.99 AUD in standard definition and $6.99 AUD in high definition. Even at the current exchange rate — $0.96 AUD per $1 USD — the pricing is notably higher than US rentals, which start at $1.99 USD for back catalog titles and $3.99 USD for new releases, with small hikes for HD and early release content. In addition to the Google Play website and Android app, users can also rent movies through a new localized YouTube portal, featuring the same library of films and pricing.

Thanks, Mopo!