Should Microsoft buy Nintendo?

I think it would be a good move for both companies. No-one wants to see Apple ruin the game industry and a combined effort by Microsoft and Nintendo would make a fearsome last line of defence against them.

Imagine a game console that utilises both the hardware expertise of Nintendo and the software tools of Microsoft. It'd be the ultimate machine! You won't have to worry about the Red Ring of Death or horrific CD scratches. Development for the platform will be easy so there won't be any shortage of quality content and it'll be simple enough to get into the business yourself. The multiplayer experience will be first class with Xbox Live support. It just makes my mouth water thinking about it!

Another exciting prospect would be the huge number of exclusive titles that'll come from the partner. You'll find Pokemon and Professor Layout alongside the likes of Gears of War and Halo. There'll be something for everyone! It'd also be good to see Rare develop for a Nintendo system once more.

What do you guys think? Are you with me on this one?