In Defense of Android

I posted this as a comment on somebody else's post. It was a pretty pointless post, so I'm not gonna link to it, but I spent enough time on this reply that I just wanted a couple more people to see it (narcissism I guess).

At any rate, some guy had a link to a youtube video of an insulting and offensive rant against Android. Here's my reply:

I used to feel just that way about Windows Mobile back in the days when PalmOS was still a thing. It really offended me to my very soul that people could have such terrible taste as to favour the soul-crushingly disgusting, typically Microsoft half-baked idea.

But android isn't windows mobile. I know everyone misses the point these days at what open source means, but its an important point. One day, these tech companies WILL betray you. Sooner or later, they'll find a way to screw you over in ways that make you feel violated. Not in an aesthetic sense, but in a real way of personal cost.

When (not if) that happens, open source technology is the only technology that counts. It means someone else totally unrelated to that company that just betrayed you can step in and adopt the code and give you a competitive alternative. Open source technology is basically the sum of human knowledge. Its like how science is done. You make an advancement and the rest of humanity takes that step forward with you. Open source technology is the only real technology there is.

All this hand-wringing about carrier lock downs and manufacturer customizations is missing the whole point. Its short-sighted, consumerist blindness. Already, companies are jumping over themselves to find a way to screw you over. But as long as there's enough of them, they'll keep each other in check. Capitalism. As for carriers, I'm sorry for you US residents. I truly am. I'm surprised you let capitalism fail you so dramatically without even a fight.

Could android be better? Of course. I'm just a tad OCD myself (I can only have an even number of apps on my phone) and I wished there weren't the entire idea of "home screens", which is really just the bastard-son of the "desktop" from your windows-pc mode of operation. I hate it. I can't stand it. But android means more to me than that.

I guess nobody else cares. They just want the shiny toy, the fashion-clad. This "it just works" culture never stops to ask what "it" is. I'm not even saying that "geekdom's gone mainstream". Geek culture has never been immune to this short-sightedness. See all the Microsofties of old who were die-hards even before the various Windowses became aesthetically defensible. I'm just saying that tech/geek culture and reporting is no different than your average mainstream obsessions. Its no better or worse than any other niche obsession.

Being a gadget nerd doesn't automatically make you a futurist. Stop being fans of companies.

Also, somebody please do something with WebOS.