'Naked' Galaxy Nexus (GSM) Users, how has your device held up?

I say GSM in the title as that is the model I use, but I suspect that experience should be similar for the Verizon/CDMA version(s).

As the title states, how has your naked (i.e. no case, no screen protector) fared after daily use? I'm interested in hearing about a few points in particular for normal wear and tear:

  • How has the camera lens held up from being placed on flat surfaces (e.g. desks, tables)?
  • How has the back plastic directly above the speaker held up? My old SGSII E4GT was particularly scratch prone in the area on the back that is the "hump"
  • How about the screen, any major scratches?

If you have dropped your phone, how did the body of the phone come out?

I ask mainly because I get to a point with EVERY device at the 2-3 month mark of ownership where the initial "new gadget" novelty wears off and I enjoy the feel of the device without a case. I'm at that point now w/the GNEX but wanted to determine how it fares in day to day use.