I/O expectations.. Wishlist !!

I have been using android for 2 years now.. I have been through different roms.. also managed to tweak little kernel code and experienced my phone with a difference... I have been excited about the developments and achievements about android and loved the hype around it.... Like most of you I cringe when i hear apple advertise iOS as the "most advanced operating system in the World.." !! Anyways.. I wanted to know your wish list for Jelly Bean and other announcements at I/O this year... Make three categories..

a) 100% Chance

b) 50% Chance

c) 10% Chance

My List is as follows :-

a) 100 %

  • At least 5 products with Android @Home Technology which will be sold in Open Market
  • A 200$ Google Nexus Tablet from Asus with Tegra 3
  • Jelly Bean -- (Chrome on docking the phone) or at least a prototype... Ubuntu has done it already..
  • Jelly Bean -- Google's Majel (Voice Assistant)
  • Jelly Bean -- Better Contact Management
  • Jelly Bean -- Better Battery Management
  • Jelly Bean -- Google Drive and Google + Integration
  • Phasing out Browser in favor of chrome??
  • Re-architecture of UI framework to make Android performance better than iOS and WP7
  • Better NDK to help developers make awesome PS3 Quality games.
  • Android TV .. More deals with content providers, OEM's and better UI
  • Android Market -- Special Focus/Area for Apps following design guidelines
  • Android Market -- Deals with Top App Makers to make them build their UI in accordance to Android Guidelines
  • Android Market -- Deals with Top App Makers for Tablet Apps
  • Google Music -- I hope this service goes international

b) 50 and 10 %

  • Google partnering with chip makers and ensuring they release their drivers for new version...So basically defining minimum set of Hardware requirements. So that google can build an unified Update System for Android.
  • Google to announce new versions after Jelly Bean only when their Partners release the Drivers so that they can be pushed to all the consumers.
  • Google building new IDE with Great design tools and great performance for Android which would be used for Java as well.
  • Jelly Bean -- Multiple windows support for Tablet/TV apps.
  • Promoting 3D Cameras in phones with great updates to camera app
  • Improving GMail UI
  • Adding developer options like providing a recovery mode
  • Improving Movie studio and integrating some video filters in camera app..
  • Convince Flipboard and Paper to come to Android
  • Programming actual Robots using Android... :)