When Did Internet Comments Become So "Politicized"?

I don't know how many of you follow politics but I've kind of seen a trend. The scenario is that two political parties rage a war of ideologies, trying to sling mud at each other for past comments and economical performances while trying to convince the voter to vote them into power.

Does anybody kind of see this pattern in fanboyism?

This time however, the tech companies are sort of the politicians but they don't necessarily take it as far as the real politicians. It's the actually fans/consumers of their products who are constantly throwing mud at each other. It's always Apple vs Google fanboys, Apple vs Microsoft fanboys, Google vs Microsoft etc..

There are times when I can't even read comments after a story about product X because I know the comments will devolve into endless bashing with fanboys defending and others attacking. It's almost like MSNBC vs Fox News. Everyone tries to take shots at each other, defending the company that they treasure.

The Verge is a site where there are surprising intellectual comments and that's why I love coming here. There are some commentators who do like to devolve into cavemen and derail the flow of the conversation. The Verge Forums are even better because people ask really GOOD questions and make great points.

I can't say the same for the rest of the internet.

I don't get being "fans" of companies. I love technology. I can't really get using one brand and constantly bashing the other companies.

(Someone point me to a study of fanyboism, I think there's a psychology study or something)

I'm tired of the lame Microsoft "Blue Screen" jokes, the constant "Android steals from Apple" or vice versa.

I might be reaching and think it's a weird spread problem when it might be isolated.

But seriously, can't we be civil and embrace all brands instead of hugging onto one brand and firing shots at it's competitors?