FCC Complaint

So, a while ago ... maybe a month ago, I filed an FCC complaint against AT&T.

The motivational factor for filing a complaint, in short, was the AT&T "Mark the Spot" mobile application. My phone (iPhone 4) had indicated dates in the last year that I've made reports (specific to my phone with location/date/time) and acknowledged recently that my area based on my location was receiving increased 3G "data and voice" coverage.

AT&T's response to any complaints I've had have over the last year been that their network engineers aren't aware of any troubles and for me to buy a MicroCell. I felt this disconnect with what their application was saying and what they were saying. If the "Mark the Spot" app isn't scientific, there's a problem with their brand and its use as an entity to advertise. If it is scientific, then there's a problem with my reception.

It's a bit confusing to explain. I think, that if service is unreliable (at home), and their maps indicate service, but they put an application out as a conduit for customers to report holes in their network that actually acknowledges an issue (not just a text message saying they report was received), isn't that deceptive? or am I taking this a step too far?

I felt that the AT&T "Mark the Spot" program has been a casual way to self-regulate and over-expend the customer as a resource to do some of their network reporting that should be done by their engineers.

Anyways, I filed a report to the FCC. I'd discussed it, albiet vaguely, on IRC and Twitter, to see if anyone else had any experience in filing a complaint with FCC and whether I have ground and what usually happens, etc.

This is new territory for me. The type of situation, at least from some research I've done, is kind of rare and unheard of. I am not very confrontational.

I got a phone call in the last hour (~7:45PM) late in the day today, by AT&T executive response. The person left a message saying who they were and said that AT&T received a letter from the FCC and a number to return the call.

I take an FCC complaint ~ to filing a police report, in a sense. I am taking it seriously. There's some anxiety getting that message and I intend to hold my ground.

What can I expect and how do I prepare myself? I won't return the call until Monday. Anyone have any insight? Thanks.