HTC EVO 4G LTE (HTC One X users also welcome) or Galaxy Nexus?

So I'm due for an upgrade from Sprint on June 1st. By that time (at least that's what I'm hoping for), the Evo (I refuse to use that clusterfuck of a name that Sprint assigned to it) will have debuted on the Sprint network. I can only stay with Sprint since I'm on a family plan. That leaves the question how whether to get the Evo or the Galaxy Nexus. I'm likeing the stock Android UI. But Sense doesn't appear to be that bad to me. I don't particuarly care about Android Updates since Sprint will probably slow down the Galaxy Nexus's update to the point where it'll premier at the same time as the Evo. I don't really like the shiny plastic part on the Evo, but I'm pretty sure some third-party manufacturer will make a part to replace it. But a quick question before I finish off this post. Will the camera's lens get scratched since its flush with the outside portion of the phone? Otherwise, please tell me what you like/dislike about each phone.