Never one to mince words, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak has this week expressed his thoughts on Windows Phone, and how it competes against the popular mobile platforms of our day: Android and iOS. In a phone interview with Gina Smith (coauthor of Woz's autobiography) and Dan Patterson, Wozniak is effusive in his praise for the Windows Phone interface, describing it as beautiful and highly intuitive.

"I'm kind of shocked. Every screen is much more beautiful than the same apps on Android and iPhone."

He's so impressed by it, in fact, that he defines the experience of using a Windows Phone as feeling like you're "with a friend not a tool." In his mind, navigating Android is a much more cumbersome experience, to the point where he sees "no contest" between that OS and Windows Phone — Microsoft's software is much more to his liking. He even goes on to say that iOS is "more awkward" in its interactions than the Lumia phone he's presently using, though his favorite smartphone still remains the iPhone. The deficit of third-party apps for WP is something he acknowledges as holding that platform back.

While Wozniak never identifies the Windows Phone handset he's been using, it's safe to assume it's a Lumia 900, following his comments earlier this month that he was keen to get his hands on one. That Nokia device forms part of a four-smartphone arsenal that Woz had with him while being interviewed. The other three were the Motorola Droid RAZR and a pair of iPhone 4S handsets, though Woz confesses he's got at least 10 cellular devices in his regular rotation.