Windows 8 CP for everyday work?

Hi everyone,

as i'm not an expert in pre realses of OS' i can't get around asking a few of you guys here about their experience with windows 8 as their daily PC driver.

I'd like to install the CP of Windows 8 on my PC and fully use it (and remove Windows 7 for that matter). But i have a couple of questions:

  1. Are there issues in using programs like the Adobe Master Collection CS5, Office 2010, Eclipse, iTunes, ect.. ?
  2. What happens, if Windows 8 RC(1) arrives? New install? Updateable?
  3. What about Games? Did anyone tried for example Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3 ?
  4. The Marketplace / App store confuses me a bit, i'll still be able to randomly download and install software from the web right?
  5. Thanks to another Thread here - i know that MSE is part of the system, correct?
  6. How do you think about general productivity compared to Windows 7? I'm a keyboard guy and i saw some nice clues, expecially the edges for the mouse and the "type and enter-key" for launching a programm, which i think are very usefull.
My biggest worry are #1 and #2. I need those programs (+ skype) for work, and i don't want to totally remove everything as soon as the next version arrives.
I hope my english is ok. And thank you for your thoughts and tipps.