Android 4.0.4 rollout for Galaxy Nexus has RESUMED

In the first week of April, Google started rolling out Android 4.0.4 to Galaxy Nexus phones. The rollout was paused very soon afterwards due to signal issues that plagued many handsets after the upgrade.

However, last week, Google started rolling out a fix to handsets that had received the 4.0.4 update before it was pulled. Still, there was no word on handsets still stuck on 4.0.2.

Yesterday, OTA zip files for 4.0.2 (ICL53F) -> Fixed 4.0.4 (IMM76I) landed on Google's update sites, and many Galaxy Nexus users are reporting 4.0.4 being OTAed to their handsets.

I hope this answers the questions many people asked on this forums about the 4.0.4 update. I had to repeatedly reply to each of them and tell them the rollout has been paused. Well, it has been resumed now, and everyone can rest in peace (or keep spamming their "Check Now" buttons :) ).