Chrome Browser "Apps" As Actual Standalone Applications

It has been clear for a while that Google is trying to convert the desktop environment to an entirely web-based experience. With the introduction of new Google innovations such as Google Drive and the new Chrome OS version, Aura, this vision is even more clear. Surely Google is busy working on its own OS to make this happen, but there is one feature that I would love to see implemented in the Chrome browser for the current popular OSs that would help them achieve their goal while Chrome OS grows up.

The idea of sites being "apps" on Chrome OS should be brought to OS X and Windows. I currently pin any tabs of sites I use constantly such as Gmail and Google Docs. While pinning tabs is a good start, my suggestion is the ability to open standalone instances of Chrome as separate applications in your OS. For example, Gmail would be a separate program with its own icon in the OS task bar or dock, and you would be able to cmd-tab (alt-tab) to it or kill it like any other application, but it would essentially be a window of Chrome running Gmail's website.

[EDIT] Thanks for the responses. It looks like there are some solutions out there such as Fluid. I ended up using a script I found on Lifehacker to use a feature that's apparently already available on Windows and Ubuntu.