So I found an iPhone 4 GSM in the dirt......what now?


The iphone i found was in a local park. It has a cracked screen with possible motherboard damage. The phone only displayed the apple logo with black background and would just reboot again and again. I put the phone in DFU mode and restored it to 5.1 . The restore was unsuccessful.

After some research I found the extra option in the redsnow program. I was able to go through a fix process for iphones that had error messages from restore. This did the trick getting me out of the apple logo screen of death. Then I took the sim card out and barely made it through the welcome setups.

Now the iphone is functioning but with a ton of lag. One swipe from the lock screen takes a good minute.

So, the reason for this post is to find out the answer to these questions:

Should I make an appointment at the apple store?

If so, what should I tell them?

What usually happens when a lost phone is brought in?