James Cameron has certainly been keeping busy lately — in addition to working on a space mining project, he also recently dived to the deepest part of the sea. We've already seen a little footage from his expedition, but tonight National Geographic will air a 30-minute special on Cameron's dive, with an exclusive interview from Cameron as well as more footage from the bottom of the ocean. The show will also detail the backstory and development behind Cameron's record-setting dive, which was a good seven years in the making. For the curious, National Geographic has posted a two-minute excerpt from the interview, in which Cameron describes the shocking speed at which he traveled to the bottom of the ocean: "the sub was going like a bat out of hell." The special is only a half-hour, so we expect we'll see and hear more from Cameron and National Geographic on his dive in the future — but if you've been following this story closely, tune in tonight at 9pm ET for the most in-depth look at Cameron's journey thus far.