Oracle's longrunning dispute with Google over Java patents allegedly misused in Android won't be settled without going to trial. US Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal has issued a court order stating that the two parties have failed to reach a mutually acceptable solution to their disagreement and will therefore cease pre-trial settlement negotiations.

"The parties have reached an irreconcilable impasse in their settlement discussions."

That trial will commence on April 16th and may take up to eight weeks to consider in full. Although Oracle started off alleging a broader set of infractions of its intellectual property rights, the current lawsuit has been streamlined to two patents and a set of copyright infringements. Google's response has been to offer a revenue-sharing agreement in the event that the court finds in favor of Oracle, though Oracle has rejected it out of hand due to the relatively piddling sums on offer. So now it's time to take this saga to its climactic conclusion in a court of law.