In preparation for its upcoming 3-day event in May, Blip Festival has announced a partial lineup of performers for its sixth annual micromusic meet-up in New York.

You may recognize some of them: dance party duo George & Jonathan, who blew us away with a few of their bombastic funk anthems on a recent episode of On The Verge, and of course chiptune veteran Bit Shifter, a founding member of New York-based netlabel 8bitpeoples and known among many things for his appearances on The Engadget Show.

Other notables include Omodaka, a performer recognized for his modern take on Japanese "Enka" music. Console hacker Batsly Adams, who you might know from his homebrewed NES breathalyzer game, will be one of the artists contributing live visuals throughout the event.

For the past 5 years, Blip Fest has been the vanguard of the thriving international scene for chip music, or chiptune. Tapping the shrill but sophisticated sounds of ancient microprocessors, the underground movement re-appropriates dated computer hardware and videogame consoles to create a new host of hybrid musical styles and visual art.

Last year saw some surprising mash-ups, including a live salsa band (complete with tuba solo) during minusbaby's set, and of course, a raw and rowdy turnout for local chip punk rockers Anamanaguchi.

This year's festival runs May 25th through the 27th at the Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10AM, but a limited number of advance tickets will be available today at

Look below for the full list of artists that have been announced so far.

  • Batsly Adams
  • Bit Shifter
  • Chipocrite
  • Dr. Von Pnok
  • George & Jonathan
  • Kris Keyser
  • Jean Y. Kim
  • MisfitChris
  • Monodeer
  • Nullsleep
  • Omodaka