Choosing a tablet for light use

II'm trying to decide on a tablet, mainly for reading, taking notes, and watching video. The idea is that I will scan in all my various bits of paper and use an app like Taposé to annotate them and keep them organized. I also have a large collection of eBooks in various formats that I will load. I may also be using it for instant messaging, streaming online video, and the occasional game - but I have a laptop for heavy gaming and real work, so as I said in the title, this tablet will mostly be for light use.

I've owned an iPad 2 before, and really liked it. The Apple Store is selling them refurbished for $349, so that's currently my number one choice. My budget is yet to be decided, though, so if I don't have quite enough, is there an Android tablet that you would recommend? Would something like the Kindle Fire be sufficient? What about the Xoom 2, which is available refurbished for around $300?