According to the latest comScore market survey, Android jumped 3.2% to 50.1% of mobile market share in the US in February, which means there are likely over 50 million Android handsets in use in the US. On the manufacturing side, Apple passed Motorola in market share after nearly doubling its position in just one year from 7.5% to 13.5% — in the same time period, Motorola fell from 16.1% to 12.8%. RIM and Microsoft also took hits in February, with RIM dropping by 3.2 points to 13.4% and Microsoft by 1.3 points to 3.9% of the market. And while these companies were busy swapping chairs, Samsung continued to sit at the top of the heap with the same 25.6% market share it enjoyed in January. We'll see if AT&T and Nokia's huge push into the market helps Windows Phone rise in the ranks, if only to beat out its languishing predecessor — but for now it's still closer to Symbian than it is to BlackBerry.