You're probably not familiar with Next Issue, a magazine-reading app that's only available on select Android tablets via manufacturer-specific app stores. The company has a similar business model as Hulu, a joint venture from Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp., and Time Inc. Until now, the app has offered a straightforward magazine subscription and reading app with an equally straightfoward model: subscribe to each magazine you're interested in piecemeal. According to All Things D, the company is going to shake things up by offering a plan that's more Netflix than Hulu: download and read any magazine in its catalog for a flat monthly fee, likely between $10 and $15.

That sounds like a great dream, but apparently there will be plenty of caveats to it: Only 32 magazines will be on offer, subscriptions won't be included if you subscribe to the paper version, and worst of all: it will only be available on Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich tablets at launch. Support for the iPad should launch within a few months, but beyond that there's no word on just how widely we can expect this app to be available. That's a pity, because the business model being proposed here is compelling and we'd like to see it get a bigger audience than what Android 3.2 tablets can offer.

Next Issue's website has currently been replaced with a teaser to come back on April 4th, though its blog and Facebook page are still available if you're interested in reading promos for magazine content. We'll let you know the full details when the company announces them.