Tweetbot 2.3 for iPhone and iPad has just landed in the App Store, and includes various improvements like instant Storify upload for conversations, a brand new tweet detail view (pictured), a new gesture for returning to the previous screen, Droplr support, and higher-res image uploads over Wi-Fi. The update comes just a few weeks after Tweetbot 2.2 launched, which introduced iCloud sync for settings, DM read statuses, and timeline markers. Here's a full list of the new features included in Tweetbot 2.3:

  • Hold down "compose" button to quickly open your last tweet draft
  • Email conversations and post links to an instantly-generated Storify page - from within conversation view, tap the action button to tweet a Storify page of the conversation, or send a fancy new email of the entire conversation. The Storify integration here is incredibly seamless.
  • New tweet detail screen - now includes tweets conversation and replies to that tweet. Swipe from right to left on a tweet to access this screen.
  • "Back" gesture in tweet detail screen - from the new tweet detail screen, swipe from left to right to return to your timeline
  • Conversation view now contains entire conversation including replies - swipe left to right on a tweet in your timeline to use this view.
  • Droplr support for image-hosting
  • Ability to stop retweets from individual users
  • Video thumbnails now display "play" icon to differentiate them from image thumbnails
  • Timeline sync bookmark icon is now an optional setting
  • Reorganized tweet drawer (last two buttons reorganized)
  • Thumbnail support for Vimeo links inside your timeline
  • Higher resolution image uploads when over Wi-Fi
  • Tappable stock links like $AAPL function like hashtags - tapping a stock ticker name like $AAPL opens up a search in Twitter for tweets containing $AAPL.
  • Improved email formatting when sending tweets, DMs, or conversations
  • Arabic localization

At this pace, we'd expect another massive Tweetbot update in another few weeks, and there's no doubt the Tapbots team is also brewing Tweetbot for Mac somewhere in its back room. While Tweetbot is still the fastest Twitter client out there, it's still missing "Interactions," a page Twitter introduced as part of its Fly redesign in December that shows when people favorite your tweets, retweet you, and follow you. We've come to like the Interactions page, but according to Tweetbot developer Paul Haddad, including an Interactions page is impossible because Twitter has been keeping the Interactions API close to the vest. Haddad has no idea if Twitter will open the API to the public — especially since it's about the only unique feature inside Twitter's official app.