Warner Bros. has launched Inside the Script, a series of classic movie scripts in ebook form that come complete with extra materials from the films' production. Titles available at launch include Casablanca, North by Northwest, An American in Paris, and Ben-Hur. Movie scripts aren't hard to find online, but the extras collated here represent a real treasure trove for fans of the films in question — storyboards, internal telegrams from the production team, editing notes from the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, and so on.

The scripts use a custom monospaced typewriter font throughout to preserve the feel of the original documents, and have links to relevant photos and documents included in the text. Warner Bros. calls the project an "experiment" in ebook formatting, citing the challenges of creating attractive designs that will work well on all devices. We looked at North by Northwest on a 2011 Kindle and the new iPad, and the experience was indeed similar on both — while it doesn't compare to the extravagant formatting found on Apple's recent iBooks 2 efforts, it's much slicker than most Kindle books we've read. The Inside the Script series is available on Kindle, Nook, and the iBookstore for $9.99 each.