Verizon's looking to put some pressure on the prepaid carriers of the world — the company just announced a new $80 prepaid plan that offers unlimited calling, texting, and 1GB of data. There are a few catches, of course: you'll need to purchase the Samsung Illusion for $169.99 to use along with this plan, and thus you'll be stuck on 3G data speeds. Still, that's a good bit cheaper than Verizon's current prepaid smartphone offering, which costs a rather insane $94.99 for unlimited talk and text, plus another $30 for unlimited data. The Illusion is also significantly cheaper than Verizon's current prepaid smartphone offerings, and while it's not going to turn many heads, it should be capable enough for its target market.

Verizon is also offering a prepaid LTE mobile hotspot with three different prepay mobile broadband plans. $15 gets you 250MB data for usage within one week, $60 gets you 3GB of data over a month, and $90 gets you 10GB of data for a month. Unfortunately, Verizon's offering the older Jetpack 4510L, not the new 4620L that we enjoyed so much. Still, if you want the option to go month-to-month on Verizon's relatively large LTE network, this is probably your best option. Verizon's new prepaid offerings will be available starting tomorrow.