Paul Miller Leaving The Internet Is A Great Experiment But....

I like Paul. He's interesting. He's one of my favorite people on the Verge. Deciding to leave for the internet for a year will be a great experiment since he's part of a team who largely cover tech for a living.

I'm not saying this is a bad experiment or I don't think he'll learn a lot from it but this kind of rubs me the wrong way. Maybe "rubs me the wrong way" is not the correct phrase but I, for some reason or another don't like it.

Not trying to be negative or saying he shouldn't take it because I do think it will be good for him but I frankly, it's not really a big deal in itself.

Paul is largely surrounded by technology because he works as a writer for a Verge. He says he wants to experience things like paying bills manually (not online) and other stuff. Maybe he's a deep tech guy but he kind of makes it sound like it's something that's totally foreign or stone age. If he really wants to experience life without the internet and it's advantages, here's what he should do:

Go live in a developing country for a couple of months/1 year.

I think that's a better experiment. If he's going to be around people who always use the internet and technology to do their day to day routines, I don't think he'll feel apart from it as he should.

He should go live some where the internet is still developing. Where majority of people actually have to pay their bills manually and rely more on newspapers and local television to get their news stories.

So, what do you say Paul, do you want to go a bit further and do you want to do your experiment as a starter before taking on my idea