The somewhat convoluted, definitely contentious, and perhaps slightly conflicted relationship between Verizon Wireless and the cable companies that make up SpectrumCo continues today, as both Comcast and Verizon have announced that they will be selling each other's services through their individual sales channels in more markets. Customers in Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, MO., Minneapolis, and Salt Lake City will now be able to purchase Comcast Xfinity services at Verizon stores while Comcast customers will be able to set up Verizon services directly from Comcast. In both cases, customers will still be dealing with separate accounts and bills, but the two companies will be offering Verizon "Double Data" deals and prepaid Visa cards good for up to $200, a deal not dissimilar to what Verizon had set up with Time Warner.

The expanded partnership probably isn't enough to change the fundamental questions surrounding the SpectrumCo spectrum sale that the FCC and DOJ are investigating, but it does seem that none of the companies involved feel the need to be timid about their new partnership.