If you're into stealth-heavy, sci-fi action RPGs, you've probably already played Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but just in case you haven't, Amazon has a deal that is going to be tough to pass up. In case you haven't figured it out already, the game is a favorite around these parts, and the retailer is selling the PC version for $6.99 this week. Of course there's a bit of a catch, but it isn't too bad; it's a download, not a physical copy. If you're a fan of bonus features, the "Augmented Edition" with the requisite artbook, soundtrack, and digital comic rings up at just a dollar more. Once you start playing, be sure to check this interview covering the making of the game's excellent title sequence. If you've already given Deus Ex a try, Amazon's got another discounted PC title for you: Dungeon Siege 3 is available for $4.99 this week, too.

Update: As NaeemTHM points out in the comments, the Amazon product entry says that a Steam account is required to download the games, so it certainly seems that these games will pop up in your Steam library — good news for lots of loyal users of the service.