Cool App list gems for wp7

Windows phone does not have the app catalog as other mobile oses out there namely ios and android. But what we lack in numbers we sometimes make with excellent apps.

Now i am no app whore, so i have few apps in my collection and i dont really like go out of my way for apps and stuff. with that being said i wanted to start a post about some of the best apps out there FOR WINDOWS PHONE ONLY. So please guys just list some of the awesome apps you have out there.

My cool App list

  • Facebook . ( i dont care what anyone says the windows phone facebook app trashes all other mobile oses apps out there)
  • AppFlow App Discovery ( Awesome looking app for app discovery. which bring me to their first windows phone app)
  • Cocktail flow ( every drinker out there needs this app. Yes he released the app also on iphone and android later but on windows phone it just totaly destroys the other versions he has made for the other platforms)
  • IM+ ( Took them long enough to finally release a decent update to their im client but their new app offers good integration with chat protocols and good push notification integration)

Twitter Apps

  • MotweetsPro ( guess josh should have taken a look at these guys. Excellent twitter client with Very smooth scrolling . Been using them since windows mobile 6)
  • Sesmic ( another smooth scrolling twitter app that has some nice pinable tiles and show you incoming twitter tweets when pinned to your home screen)

News Apps

  • USA today ( Enough said.)
  • BBC News Mobile - created by gripdev ( awesome use of mango features and its constantly being updated, also one of the best news apps out there)
  • Fuse ( pretty cool news aggregation with different themes to choose for displaying news..)
  • The Guardian ( simple clean , and nicely laided out for any screen size)
  • Project emporia ( Awesome new's app but needs you to rate news you are interested to find similar sources, and types to display to you. seems also a lil heavy on the Microsoft news also)
  • Weave ( i love this news app, and now you can post directly to your fav social media outlet)
  • New york times app -- official ( clean easy access to ny times)
  • IGN ( need some gaming news)
  • GNN - game news now ( more game news)
  • Ars Technica news reader ( news from the Ars guys)


  • Accuweather ( OMG pin able tiles with night and day time weather forecast right on the tile.. and you can pin multiple cities lol)
  • Weatherbug (Jsut as good as accuweather.. except i find accuweather more reliable in nyc)


  • BulletAsylum ( Really Fing cool, i wonder how they keep up so much particles on screen with pratically no lag)
  • Geodefense. ( mehh been on other platforms)
  • Gravityguy (alright but i find a lil lag compared to its ios brother)
  • Orbital ( coool)
  • The harvest ( i believe it was the first ever wp 3d game announced)
  • Armed ( Man i wish this was xbox live enabled, and its real time multi-player is freaking awesome.. )
  • Wordament ( This game kicks so much ass.. and i hear its going to be xbox live enabled soon, cant wait to be in the top 100 again)
  • Crackdown 2: operation sunburst ( if you had a windows phone from a year ago, and were fortunate to get this game. you know what i am talking about. tower defense in real life maps. capture your hood back from the freaks..)
  • OMG ( I think this game is better that DODONPAC HI MAXIMUM, but that is my option. plus it reminds me of geometry wars).
  • Fusion: sentient ( awesome integration with its XBLA brother, plus you can send sentients from xbox arcade to your device, train them and send them back, reminds me of my dreamcast era with sonic adventures and its vmu)
  • Tentacles ( spent too much time in this game)
  • plants vs zombies ( same as ios i think with some bonus content)
  • Minesweeper ( the office secretaries weakness)
  • iBlast Moki (. blast your guys to escape zones)
  • Parachute panic ( hilarious sound track and effects)
  • Rocket riot


  • Nokia transit ( I dont know how i did not live without this app. This app is worth the price for any nokia device, especially if you live in nyc.. I do find the app to be 2 mins off though)
  • Tripadvisor
Picture editing
  • Picture Labs ( i think if its not for instant upload to instagram servers i will be the first one to say F.. instagram)
  • Thumba Photo editor ( Awsome photo tweak utility, every phone must download either pictures lab of thumba)
  • Newegg
  • Amazon
  • ebay ( awesome live tile support, tells when when that damn person outbids you)
  • Slick deals

Essential Apps

  • Tasks by telerik ( This app is actually a demo app to show programmers the capabilities of using the telerik tools. Please josh or anyone at the verge download this and i dare you to tell me panoramic, list or pivots are slow on wp7. not to mention its a damn good task manager that integrates directly with exchange.. and the code is freely available.
  • Flickr. ( sorry i love pictures and when i am not using my canon eos i take a pic with my phone and instant upload to flickr)
  • Insider ( for those new to the platform go here, free ringtones every month and some awesome backgrounds from the daily bing rotation)
  • Pocket recorder ( quick voice notes that works)
  • SKy music ( ringtone maker and editor.. yeah wp7 has a ringtone editor)
  • Lastpass ( if you use lastpass manger then you know what this is)
  • Reinstaller ( ok the biggest problem with windows phone is if you move to a new device you have to re download all your apps. let this tool automate it for you. Why ms has not done this internally is freaking annoying. hate to say it but i love android for that)
  • Tipit ( every phone needs a tip calculator. why is this not built into all mobile phone oses calculators, but either way this an awesome app that should be easy for anyone that has ever used a calculator. )

wow ok i did not think i had that many apps.. But really I want to find other awesome apps out there there are over 80K app so n the market place i am sure i have not seen some gems. But if anyone ever said windows phone apps were not interested just open up cocktail flow and just watch their jaws drop.

So guys please let this be constructive, no android vs ios here just freaking cool apps you have seen and have wanted all your friends to see on a windows phone device..