The Lumia 900 Review and Why MS's Strategy for Tablets is not the Same as Apple's

Let me start by saying that I really like my Windows Phone (IS12T). I love the way I can use all my Office documents without worrying about all the careful work I've done with styles and layout exploding. I love being able to show off my Xbox achievements. I like that my address book is linked to social networks and I can pin items to my start screen. I like how I got linked into my Outlook, SkyDrive and Facebook calendars, pictures, contacts, email and more by logging in once to Windows Live. I like the way my podcast listening position syncs midfile between phone and PC. I could go on, but there's a point I want to make with this post.

All of the above notwithstanding, my phone is not as solid of an experience as my Windows 7 desktop. It doesn't have anything approaching the ecosystem in software, hardware, drivers, accessories, networking, etc. There are bugs, not just in the hardware or third party apps, that show up without fail every time I try to show off a cool feature of my friends. I can understand why JTop didn't enjoy his experience.

As far as I know, Topolsky is not an Office user, he doesn't play Xbox, and he doesn't use Hotmail or Exchange. Microsoft is the ecosystem that I am in and that is why I tolerate the problems and enjoy the benefits. I would have a similar shock and feeling of disconnect trying to use Android since I have completely opted out of Google's services and deleted my account. Maybe at least the map wouldn't try to adjust the zoom level when I pan.

Paul Thurrot has mentioned several times that he wishes Microsoft's tablet play followed the iPhone pattern. I for one am glad they are bringing full Windows to tablet because the phone really isn't there yet.

It is my hope that Apollo is full Windows 8 on a phone, and that they are keeping it under wraps right now to not harm interim sales. I hope that full Windows 8 is their play for Xbox v.Next as well. That with Metro and the changes happening to computer hardware will make Windows everywhere actually viable.