Favorite iPad apps/stories

Alright so i will set up this post with a little bit of back story. Today i woke up and after thinking about it for over 3 weeks i finally went out and purchased an iPad. I have to say i like it a lot, i have a Touchpad but i personally think the iPad blows it out the water.

One of the first apps that I downloaded for the iPad was Paper, that app is pretty amazing and I'm glad the verge recommended it. I have found that in my short time of using it over the last 13 hours, that a lot of my friends loved using the app.

These are my same friends who couldn't care less about all of the other drawing apps out there, and yet all of them found themselves having fun while using it. So i guess my task for you would be to list/tell about your favorite apps and if there are any stories related to the apps on your iPad or just the iPad in general, then feel free to share them.