We (still) need a Google Forum and Hub

I posted this (http://goo.gl/SVI23) more than 5 months ago hoping to get something going, but nothing has been done.

This "Android Army" forum and the Android hub really need to be converted into a more general "Googleites" or "Googloids" forum, and a Google hub. There are far more products in the Google "Ecosystem" now than just Android, and yet we Vergens still don't have an official place to read/post about any Google products other than Android. Between Android, Google Play, Google+, and all of their other products, I think there is absolutely more than enough content to justify a Google forum and hub.

In my original post, I said there should be a separate forum and hub, but as many commenters pointed out, I think it'd be better to convert the current Android forum and hub into a Google forum and hub.