Barnes & Noble has a mysterious listing on its site for an unannounced product labelled the Nook Audio OE250, as brought to light by The Digital Reader. There's almost nothing on the page to give away anything about what the product might be — speaker dock, mp3 player, an e-reader with text-to-speech functionality — but a trademark for the Nook Audio name was indeed filed back in February by Fission LLC, Barnes & Noble's legal front.

The one nugget of information we may have to go on is the product code nested in the URL. The Nook Audio OE250 has an eight-digit code beginning with 23, similar to speaker products from companies like i-home that tend to have codes in the 22-23 range. This is opposed to, say, the Nook tablets and readers, which have longer ten-digit codes beginning with 110. If nothing else, it suggests that the Nook Audio OE250 is more likely to be a speaker than a new reader or separate category of product, but of course we're just speculating here.