Negative Responses to the Nokia 900 Review

At first I didn't want to think the MS people would be as bad as some post I was reading, but then I kept on reading the reviews. Some people need to chill out. I LOVE my Windows Phone, and I have a 1st gen device. Think about how Josh use's top tier, next gen Android stuff all the time. Even I know it'd be a crazy switch to go down in resolution. So first of all chill out people.

As for the actual review. I think he's right for pointing out what he see's as hole's in Microsoft's strategy, they have to be stated to be seen and fixed people. Personally I think that if the device runs well with lower processor specs, the let the minimum run low specs, but also support higher. If the resolution works at 480x800, that can be the minimum, but allow higher. You see my trend?

A lot of what Josh said is legitimate criticism of the OS, however, the one thing I want to encourage everyone is, how bad did everyone ride iOS for not having copy/paste? or multitasking? or user backgrounds? or access to the marketplace and deeper OS levels for better apps? ALL THE WAY!! They stuck out, had fanboys all the way, and now have a good phone, the UI is not my choice, but even I can admit it works.

Now remember this; despite the 7.5 number at the end of the name... this is version 1.5 of the OS. The second iteration after its launch. Windows Phone has come a long way in a little time, and they will continue to make headway, the OS isn't going anywhere soon. Apollo will make big changes to the OS and fix some complaints, others will arrive... Its the cycle of development. You won't win any converts by yelling and cursing out people.

Enjoy a good device, and look for the future to be better.