It's Official: Everybody Thinks Josh Is A Microsoft Hater

Josh just reviewed the Nokia Lumia 900 for WP7 and judging by the comments and forum posts, everybody seems to think that Josh is hating on the platform

An opinion is an opinion. Josh does state his opinion on how WP7 is lagging and hasn't fixed some issues with its OS. He is right on some of those issues. Third party support is not as high as it should be and it's software requirements are looking outdated (Though I think they will be updated with its next software update).

There are some things I don't agree with such as scrolling problems and multitasking. I haven't run into those issues on my Windows Phone.

The problem is, no matter Josh's opinion on what Microsoft offers, people are now going to brand him a hater. It's going to be hard to change the mind of Microsoft fans that they're not dismissing Microsoft when you blatantly state that you think Microsoft is "poison". Bad choice of words but you still left a bad taste in people's mouths.

People who listen to the podcast can point out how Josh continually dismisses Microsoft. There was a time when he seemed un-informed about Microsoft's web services like Microsoft Office Web Apps when talking about Google services.

I don't think Josh "hates" Microsoft. I think it's more of a situation in that he doesn't really live in that Microsoft world so he can't understand it.

Nothing is wrong with Mac OS but I found it a bit confusing when switching from Windows to use it. It takes getting used to. I'm not a fan of how it operates and some of it's OS animations but I will never say it sucks. It just does thinks different. I think Josh has that problem.

I think Josh is stuck in the "Microsoft hater" hole and to climb out is not going to be easy. The Lumia 900 review doesn't help especially when other sites go to opposite of his review.

Microsoft fans don't trust Josh with anything Microsoft. Maybe one day they will.

TL;DR: Everybody thinks Josh is a Microsoft hater. He is not.H is views are different because he doesn't engage in Microsoft's world.