We heard rumor of a Nokia TV app only a few days ago and today the Finnish Windows Phone maker has confirmed it. Nokia TV will be rolling out in the home nation of Finland over the coming weeks, offering a TV catch-up service in partnership with major local broadcasters. It actually seems more like a streaming service aggregator, as Nokia describes it as allowing access to the "available catalogues of catch-up TV services" without necessitating a login.

Nokia TV joins Nokia Music and Nokia Reading in fleshing out content consumption choices on Lumia Windows Phones. As our Lumia 900 review showed, those handsets will still need to go a fair distance to catch up with the industry leaders, but at least Nokia seems to be doing everything it can to encourage growth in Microsoft's mobile ecosystem.

We asked Nokia for details on who the TV content partners are and whether Nokia TV will make it to other markets, but the company says that both questions will be answered "at a later stage." As noted above, Nokia TV is "bringing together already existing internet TV services that can stream over mobile networks," though of course you can opt to use Wi-Fi to keep your data usage low. The service will be streaming-only (i.e. there'll be no option to download programs) and TV partners will be able to run their usual advertising models through the app, which will essentially function as a portal for their services.