HBO Go finally launched on Xbox 360 last week, but unfortunately Comcast and Time Warner subscribers were left out of the fun. However, it sounds like that may soon be a thing of the past: the New York Times is reporting that both providers are "close" to finalizing deals to offer HBO Go on Xbox 360, according to people "familiar with the matter." The Times noted that some HBO shows are available through Comcast's Xfinity On Demand app, but HBO Go provides a much wider variety of content — and Time Warner subscribers still have no way to access any HBO shows on their Xbox 360. While this isn't a completely done deal, we're hopeful that both providers will be able to make HBO Go available for their customers, who are already paying for HBO subscriptions. Amusingly, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is among those who want HBO Go on the Xbox 360 — last week, he took to Facebook to say that "I'm paying... a lot of money for HBO, so please let me watch HBO Go on my TV."