Google just pushed out an update to the Gmail Android app that Honeycomb tablet users will likely want to download. As Google puts it, this update brings the Android 4.0 experience to Honeycomb users — the biggest change is that the new swiping gesture for moving between newer and older conversations has been enabled. You can also tap to access recently used labels, and set custom notifications for individual labels. Offline mail has been improved as well, users can sync a full 30 days of messages. There are also a few minor tweaks for Android 2.2 and 2.3 users — there's a new labels API for 3rd-party developers to access, as well as some performance improvements. Overall, it sounds like a worthwhile upgrade for Honeycomb tablets — while it would be nice to see those tablets get Ice Cream Sandwich, an improved Gmail experience is something that all Honeycomb users will likely appreciate.