AT&T ICS leak for Galaxy Note - What's changed, what's been wizzed...

I found the first video of the AT&T leaked rom is up on youtube here :

I suspect this leak is pretty much the final build of ICS update for note (minus premium apps) so I want to confirm what has/hasn't changed, (and what's been touch wizzed):

Confirmed as looking like its stock ICS functionality:

  • Task switcher is same as ICS
  • GMail is ICS
  • Youtube is ICS
  • Screen unlock looks like its ICS with face unlock and pattern unlock
  • Calendar:TBC
  • Widgets: TBC
  • Google music:TBC
  • Browser:TBC
  • People Hub:TBC
  • Video and Camera:TBC
  • Roboto Font: Frankly I can't tell from the video- can you?

>>>>I'm international so can't install the ROM. If anyone else can confirm what's changed/ what hasn't please can you add to the above list, thanks