Frame of Reference. A powerful tool.

Good Afternoon Microsoft Tribe and hopefully Josh.

In this post i want to focus on one thing. The score on The ecosystem.

A four. OK. Before this thread becomes another Fanboy bar brawl against Josh. lets analize this data.

Josh uses Google for everything.

Gmail.- Josh loves this product. Windows phone's experience is not as good as google for Gmail. So, he gave it a four.

The average hotmail user would, on the other hand, find Windows phone much more attractive as an email device.

Gdocs.- this is something i would like A little explination on. Ok, we all know Josh loves Google Docs. but i think Office is better than Gdocs. Especially for anything other than Word Docs.

I saw the lack of dropbox mentioned. Well, Ok you got me there i do love dropbox. BUT, what do i use dropbox FOR??????

Two things: 1. Syncing documents from my desktop. with skydrive, i dont need dropbox anymore.

2. Sending MP3's to my Phone. With Zune pass, this become irrelevent as well.

I think another big miss for Josh is that he is a mac user. (WP has HORRIBLE support for macs.) when used with a mac, you lose some of the magic of WP. Same goes for the iPhone and Windows. (iTunes is a big reason i switched from iOS.)

so, lets all realize something. This was a review Written by someone who is deeply entrenched in Apple's and Google's world.

Now, chances are that if your angry about this review your a MS fanboy( i use the term in a good way) You use Hotmail, Play your games on an Xbox, and use a Windows PC.

The 4 isnt for you.

What i would like from Josh is to voice his opinion maybe in an editorial, about What an ecosystem really is. To me it seems, Microsoft has as good of an ecosystem as Google or Apple.

You get a music service almost on par with iTunes and way above what Google offers, Better productivity software than either of those two, Email that is almost as good.

Basicly, if you gave everything to Microsoft, is the 900 really a 4 ecosystem????? To me it seems its a 4 ecosystem when paired with every other companies services. Thanks for your time, and sorry for the spelling errors in advance. i had to ang this out rather quickly, i am a busy guy ya know.